“If you seek God and seek Him for your own profit and bliss, then in truth you are not seeking God.”
(German sermon 11, trans M. O’C. Walshe)

Eckhart Society 33rd Annual Conference

The 33rd ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF THE ECKHART SOCIETY, at High Leigh in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire.

The theme of the conference is Meister Eckhart and Divine Awareness

The main paper titles and speakers are:
Meister Eckhart and the Nearness of God
Michael Demkovich, OP

“Something within me which shines”: Knowing and Unknowing God and the Self
Rebecca Stephens

“The eye with which I see God is the same eye with which God sees me.”
Duane Williams

The Nature of Divine Immanence in Eckhart’s Thought
Chris Wojtulewicz

For more information, please read our conference flyer and the detailed conference brochure.

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