“Do not imagine that your reason can grow to the knowledge of God.”
(German sermon 4, trans M. O’C. Walshe)


Meister Eckhart is the subject of a very wide ranging and ever expanding literature. The bibliography here is intended to represent a basic rather than a comprehensive list of materials on the Meister.

For additional references the annual bibliographies published in the Eckhart Review provide one source, while another is Niklaus Largier’s bibliography (Largier, Niklaus (1989) Bibliographie zu Meister Eckhart. Freiburg: Universitätsverlag. Also available at http://german.berkeley.edu/people/files/nlargier/meb/mebmai05.html. Accessed 15 November 2007).

Further, the German Eckhart Society – Meister-Eckhart-Gesellschaft – has an extensive bibliography at http://www.meister-eckhart-gesellschaft.de/bibliographie.htm. Accessed 15 November 2007.

Other bibliographies are to be found in some of the books listed below, one in particular is that in Bernard McGinn’s The Mystical Thought of Meister Eckhart: The Man from whom God Hid Nothing.


Note: In all cases the citation is to the latest edition or reprint; details of previous editions or printings are not included here.


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Translations and Commentaries

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