“Here in time we are celebrating the eternal birth which God the Father bore and unceasingly bears in eternity, because this same birth is now born in time”
(German Servmon 1, trans M. O’C. Walshe)


Membership of the Society is open to all with an interest in Meister Eckhart.
Present members come from many different countries all over the world.

Subscriptions are paid by the calendar year, due in January of each year.

The subscription costs £36.00 (GBP 36.00). Payment can be made by selecting the Add to Basket link below. 
Alternatively, payment can be made by cheque (pounds sterling only please, drawn on a British Bank, due to high handling charges) by completing the Application Form and sending them to the Administrator (address shown below).

If you would like the Eckhart Society to be able to reclaim your UK tax on your subscription, please sign the Gift Aid Declaration and post to the Administrator (address shown below).

The Administrator
4 Turpins Green,
Berkshire SL6 4QE

The annual subscription includes two issues of Medieval Mystical Theology, formerly the Eckhart Review a journal highly respected among Eckhart scholars and students, which has been published for the last nineteen years, together with three or four Newsletters per year. Membership also provides an opportunity to have contact and exchange views with people who consider Eckhart one of the great minds of Europe.

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