“Here in time we are celebrating the eternal birth which God the Father bore and unceasingly bears in eternity, because this same birth is now born in time”
(German Servmon 1, trans M. O’C. Walshe)


The Founding of the Society

The Society’s patrons are a clear indication of its importance and reputation. And we are delighted that so many Scholars and eminent people have accepted the invitation to be patrons. A list of these is given below:

  • Prof. Oliver Davies Prof.
  • Dr. Alois Haas
  • Prof. Bernard McGinn
  • The Most Reverend Malcolm McMahon O.P., Archbishop of Liverpool
  • Prof. Dermot Moran
  • Father Timothy Radcliffe O.P., Master of the Dominican Order 1992-2001
  • Prof. Dr. Loris Sturlese
  • The Very Reverend Dr. Simon Tugwell O.P.
  • The Right Reverend, the Lord Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury

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