“You should know that God must and pour Himself into the moment He finds you ready.”
(German sermon 4, trans M. O’C. Walshe)

New Books

Woods, Richard J. Eckhart’s Way (Veritas).

This is a reissue with corrections and updated bibliography of the book first published in 1987.The description on the back cover says ‘ Although thoroughly researched and annotated, Ecfkhart’s Way is not a book written for the specialist, but an overview of the great friar’s teaching, as well as an account of how his dedication and success led to charges of promoting heretical doctrine.’

Woods, Richard J. Meister Eckhart: Master of Mystics (Continuum)
The fruit of more than ten years reflection, Meister Eckhart Master of Mystics explores a set of related themes bridging Eckhart’s Medieval world and our own turbulent times – women’ s role in spirituality and church life, global climate change and the sacredness of Creation, the meaning of detachment, the blind alley of spiritual “technology”, the meaning of contemplation and the place of prayer, Eckhart’s views on art and spirituality, his daring insights into the challenges of pain and suffering, and Eckhart’s relevance for wider and deeper encounters among world religions. Other chapters investigate Eckhart’s wide-ranging sources and his revolutionary approach to the redeeming mission of Christ.

Demkovich, M. Thomas-Paul The Death of `Magister Aycardus (Lumen Library)
Gottfried Reisner is charged by the legendary Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa to discover the truth about a death which happened long ago. It was the death, some say murder, of one of the greatest preachers, teachers and mystics of the time. How could so famous a Friar Preacher die and there be no record? A death kept hidden by time and an oath of secrecy: that now needed to be disclosed. How did he die? Where was he buried? These are the questions Gottfried faces as he unravels the political intrigue and social struggles at play in the death of Meister Eckhart. At the dawnof the Renaissance this adventurer must find his clues amid the shards of a waning Medieval Christendom. The Avignon papacy and Holy Roman Emperor, the growing wealth of the merchants and the dwindling power of the nobles, these are all factors in the tragic mystery that Gottfried must solve . At the same time he discovers divine consolation , in the midst of suffering he learns the lesson of life.

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