“You should know that God must and pour Himself into the moment He finds you ready.”
(German sermon 4, trans M. O’C. Walshe)

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The Eckhart Society is delighted to be able to offer
Introducing Meister Eckhart by Michael Demkovich OP at a special price of £5.00 here.

This is a bargain as the normal price is £10.99
The contents are as follows
Forward by Timothy Radcliffe OP
Part 1: The Person

  1. I Brother Eckhart: My Life and Teachings Testify
  2. A Godly Man
    Part 2: The Soul, De Anima
  3. Eckhart’s Christian Anthropology
  4. The Life of the Soul
    Part 3: The Exempla
  5. Ten Illustrations for Personal Reflection
  6. Conclusion
    Appendix: Key Terms


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